On your wedding day our main concern is capturing your story.  We want to create the best wedding film possible. That’s why we don’t make it complicated with multiple packages and levels of coverage, we only offer one package -the best of what we have. That means capturing all the main events that make your day unique from all the rest.

The Wedding Film is a short form edit that captures all the details and emotions from your wedding day. Your story is creatively edited to music that reflects your wedding. The film is a perfect length to be shared online (usually about fifteen to thirty minutes in length, depending on the event) and something you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Not every couple is the same so you can taylor the package for your own needs. The base price of the package is €1600 and covers for our time to film and edit the main events from bridal preparation (if within ten minutes from ceremony location) to speeches. You will receive the Wedding Film online (on a private page that you'll owe for life and the film can be downloaded in digital file format (.mp4) at full HD resolution for your own backup). 

 Once we know all the details of the wedding, we can put together an accurate package price for you. If you want to find out the exact price for your event, please submit a quotation form below.


This package includes  a beautiful short form wedding film (about 10-15 minutes in length, depending on content) and delivered in digital format online (on a private website page that you'll owe for life and downloadable file too) . 

Even though you'll be presented with the short form wedding film, one videographer still needs to be present for a considerable amount of time to your event, so we'll cover the day starting from the ceremony location until just before sitting down for the meals. 

This package suits all couples on a budget but that still wish to have a beautiful memorable wedding film to show to family and friends.



With this package you'll get the short form Wedding Film (about 15- 20 minutes in length, depending on content).

We'll start filming from bridal preparations (if within 5 or 10 minutes from ceremony location) until the speeches (if before meals).  Delivered in digital format online (on a private website page that you'll owe for life and downloadable file too) .

Best moments of the ceremony and some of the best speeches will be seen in the final wedding film.

This package is best suited to couples that want to relive a more intense experience of their wedding film




This is the most complex package we can offer, it's the all inclusive package if you wish. Two videographers will be present on the day starting from the bridal preparations until the first dance. With this package you'll get the Wedding Film (a short form edit of the entire day about 20 to 35 minutes in length, depending on available content). Beside the Wedding Film you'll also get the full ceremony, speeches and dancing clips, so you won't miss a thing!

Delivered online on a private web page (that you'll owe for life)In addition, we'll also include a USB stick or hard drive containing the high resolution files of the Wedding Filmfull ceremony, speeches and dancing (all digital HD files).