Our Terms & Conditions may be modified at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check this page for updates or changes before booking any of our services. If you have any questions regarding your privacy, then please read our Privacy Policy.

AGREEMENT: A firm and binding agreement exist between Smart Video and Client only after a minimum deposit of €500 (or more) has been paid. The deposit of €500 is non-refundable and must be paid at the time of booking, with any remaining balance due and payable on or no later than two weeks before the wedding day (Smart Video won’t start the editing process of the wedding film unless full payment of the account is received, including the extra time payment that might be added to your account where applicable). This initial deposit is made to secure the exact date for Smart Video’s services and it’s the Client guarantee that no one else will book the same date. If the wedding is cancelled, the initial deposit is forfeited. If the wedding date is changed within 6 months prior to the wedding date, the initial deposit is forfeited and a new deposit will be required to secure the new date (providing we’ll be available to attend at the new date).

PRODUCTION & EDITORIAL CONTROL: Smart Video is the exclusive official videographer retained by the Client to cover event. Smart Video is granted full production and editorial control by Client regarding all aspects of the production and post-production services for this event. If something occurred at the event that the Client does not want to appear on the film, the Client must instruct Smart Video in writing or via email before editing begins. Minor editing errors are corrected at no charge (i.e spelling of names/dates, etc) if we are notified within 5 days of you receiving your completed video. After this period, if no notification has been received, the client will be deemed to be satisfied with the product. Any other addition, change of your OWN choice will incur a charge of €15/hour with a minimum of 5 hours charge (due to complete re-mastering, rendering and DVD authoring times). Client agrees that Smart Video is editing in our own artistic style, a wedding seen from our own eyes. Smart Video reserves the exclusive right to edit all film. Additional copies will be made from the original master and by Smart Video. Client is granted only a license to use production for private non-profit uses, unless other permission is granted by Smart Video. All final productions will be archived for a minimum of 3 months, after this period any related footage will not be guaranteed. All online material (trailers, highlights or/and wedding films) are not guaranteed more than 3 months (after which these can be deleted or links might be non-functional due to cost involved in keeping them on the servers).

WORKING CONDITIONS: The Client must provide a safe environment and is responsible for any damaged to equipment done by guests. It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure permission of the church, venue or other officials to film the ceremony. The deposit and/or full amount paid to Smart Video is non-refundable if such officials prevent filming. Smart Video will abide by the rules of the church or venue regarding camera placement at the ceremony. A minimum of one hour setup time is required prior to ceremony start time and is included in the coverage time of the package that is selected. When this time is not allowed by the client, the first priority for Smart Video is to install and test the equipment prior the start of ceremony, in this case some action might be missed and not recorded before ceremony (for example getting shoots of guests arriving at the place of ceremony or other details). It is the Client’s sole responsibility to complete the Plan of Action Guide (PAG) with all related information required two weeks prior the wedding day and inform Smart Video of any specific needs or changes in events, times, and locations. Failure to do so might result to inability for Smart Video to film some parts of the normal course of events (for example if changing the location of your photo session is not communicated to us we won’t be able to attend it). In case of the schedule running late and if we agree to remain the extra time to film the event, a €150 fee is applied for each hour after the package finish time (even if only 15, 30 or less minutes are required to film the first dance, you will still be charge for one full hour).

FOOD: The Client agrees to provide a meal at the reception for each of the film crew (usually 1 or 2 people). Smart Video is not responsible for any activities missed during this break/meal time.

PRODUCTION MATERIAL: Including: song list, directions and completed Plan of Action Guide (PAG) are due at least two weeks before event date. Production material delivered to Smart Video after event may not be included in final production (or the production might be considerably delayed) . Clients assume all liability for any form of copyright infringement including but not limited to photographs and/or music that they provide to us.

DELIVERY OF Blu-Ray/DVD: Average delivery time of your wedding film is about six to twelve months (from the moment we have received any related materials from the client such as songs, pictures and list of names that will be used in the making of the wedding film and full payment of your account is cleared) and depending on our workload (please be aware that in some special circumstances it might take at least double the time specified above for completion of the productions, but no longer than maximum twenty-six months). Here’s the “equation”: we film approximately thirty weddings a year (plus other events since wedding videography is not the full time job). Each film takes us approx. three to five weeks to produce. The exact time-frame is relative to the number of commissions we accept, what time of year your wedding occurs and where we sit with our editing schedule when your wedding is filmed. All of these elements are impossible to gauge with exact precision which is why we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates. In order to guarantee your movie will be done to our high quality standards, we place immense measures of care and creativity in the editing of your movie. In order to retain this signature style, we do not outsource the editing at any time. Therefore, we ask for your patience and understanding of our timelines and our craft, before and after hiring us to film your day. The completion period is only an approximate length of time and any longer periods necessary for completion will not void this contract. Once the production discs are delivered, Smart Video cannot accept responsibility for material lost or damaged in transit.

DISPLAYING RIGHTS: All digital footage shall remain the property of Smart Video. It is understood that Smart Video has the exclusive right to reproduce and use all footage, images, voices and likenesses for public display, advertising and/or exhibition, unless the Client gives non-consent at time of booking. All footage produced and/or edited by Smart Video is protected by Copyright. It is understood and agreed that the Client cannot copy or have copies made of the raw footage and/or Blu-ray/DVD-R. Any attempt to do so is a violation of this agreement and of Copyright. The Client is granted a license to use the Blu-ray/DVD only for private home use. Any other permission for the Client to use Blu-ray/DVD and/or its images must be granted in writing by Smart Video. Client agrees to provide general notice to all guests and service providers that the event will be filmed. With this notice, and by virtue of their attendance, all guests and service providers acknowledge and give permission for the use of their images, voices and likenesses by Smart Video.

LIABILITY & GUARANTEES: Smart Video’s liability is limited to refund of money paid. Smart Video takes the utmost care in producing Client’s film. In the unlikely event that a problem arises and Smart Video is unable to provide any film, all monies paid will be refunded. Smart Video is not responsible for loss of video or audio quality due to restrictions at event locations. Smart Video does not guarantee any particular shot, effect, interview or special request. If Smart Video has personally committed to begin the primary event videographer and in the very unlikely event that an emergency arises (extreme sickness for example) and is unable to perform the whole service, the Client will be notified immediately and all money paid (including deposit) will be refunded to the Client. If this were to occur, every effort possible will be made by Smart Video to recommend and secure another quality videographer for the Client. This is the extent of Smart Video’s liability. Your primary videographer is Smart Video. Smart Video reserves the right to terminate the contract for any reason at any time. Should Smart Video terminate contract, all monies paid will be refunded including the deposit. Should the Client terminate the contract, the deposit fee is forfeited (non-refundable).

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